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Hyundai SeasAll participated in METS

Hyundai SeasAll participated in METS, Europe's largest boat show, to showcase diesel outboard technology. The company is seeking new channels in the European market, where existing gasoline outboard motors are mainstream.
Hyundai SeasAll participated in METS TRADE SHOW 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 19 to 21.
Since its launch in 1988, METS is the world's largest marine equipment, materials and systems exhibition, the only international B2B trade show for the marine leisure industry, serving as a venue for business for innovation, market development and networking.
Hyundai SeasAll presented diesel outboard, G350, L700 engine

Hyundai SeasAll succeeded in commercializing diesel outboard motors for the first time in the world with its own technology, and is currently introducing them to the market through domestic distributors.

The G350 engine is also a 6.8-litre light-load engine with a 350 hp 2800 rpm, which is expected to receive a great response in the European market, which is more developed than Korea.

Hyundai SeasAll plans to expand the market around these lineup models and actively enter the global marine engine market based on the European market. The diesel outboard unit is a good opportunity to pioneer blue ocean because of its ease of maintenance and high efficiency that the gasoline outboard unit does not have.
Hyundai SeasAll said, “We will lead the European marine engine market by introducing various horsepower engines that can appeal to consumers, including the launch of the upcoming U engine.”