CI Introduce

Symbol mark

CI of Hyundai Seedsall is an abstract figure representing commercial engines and passenger engines to form S which represents the sea.
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Logo type

The logo type was developed in consideration of the symbol mark and harmonizes with the company. Korean, Chinese, and English logotypes can be used in signatures or applied alone.

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The Korean/English combination refers to the combination of symbol mark and logo according to a certain standard. In this case, the basic mark is the symbol mark and the logo is the element that makes the mission accurate. It is recommended to use the basic type (left and right combination) of the signature combination as possible, and select the appropriate one considering the layout of the application space according to the application medium.

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Color usage regulation

Since color utilization is an important factor in the formation of the image of Hyundai SeasAll, in consideration of the application, do not use colors that do not clearly represent the image of Hyundai SeasAll.
Dedicated color is applied to various visual media to deliver the image of Hyundai Seas All, so it is important to deliver a certain color image.
Hyundai Seasall's color expression is based on spot color printing and is based on the color sample in the manual or Pantone Color specified below.
Careful attention is required for the effective use of color, and if it is to be reproduced in four primary process colors, use it in accordance with the criteria indicated below.
If there are any doubts about the production, it should be produced in consultation with the management department.

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Typeface Regulations

Korean designation font is designed to harmonize with the symbol mark of Hyundai Seas All for consistent identity expression.
When the Korean language is applied, the use of the designated font is a principle, but other fonts may be used according to the characteristics and application conditions of the medium. When English is applied to all media, the designation of this typeface should be used in principle. However, other fonts of the san serif type may be used according to the characteristics and application conditions of the media.

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Prohibition of Use

If you change the shape of the symbol mark, logo type, or signature of Hyundai SeasAll arbitrarily, the original image will be damaged.
The examples shown here are when the colors are misused or if you change the signature combination arbitrarily, and other graphic elements damage the image.
This application reduces visual perception and results in image confusion, so no similar method should be used, and in case of doubt about the possibility of use, consult the management department to ensure that the original image is not altered.

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