Unless the engine stops
Our dreams never stop.


Hyundai SeasAll Co., Ltd., which means everything in the sea, was established in August 2009 as a venture company of Hyundai and Kia Motors. Hyundai SeasAll is committed to providing the ultimate marine diesel engine offering everywhere in the world.

We are committed to developing a global top class range of marine engines. With our well-developed diesel engine technology, we are focused on optimizing core attributes including engine reliability, high performance, high fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness; all of which are required by the most demanding customers.

For example, we have developed products indirectly related to the marinization of engines but which increase their value. Two of these hold “world's first” titles, proving that Hyundai SeasAll is more than a company that just makes good engines.

For example, our engines are equipped with the world's first smartphone-linked remote engine diagnostic function. We were also the first to introduce reinforced compacted graphite steel (CGI) in marine engines which is a heritage from our automotive engine background. Our engines have been constantly improved in terms of size, weight, and rigidity. This has become a great competitive advantage among many domestic and foreign companies.

Now, our dream has begun. If the engine doesn't stop, our dreams don’t stop.

Think of a car engine running on a road; where can it go from there? Why be land based when 75% of the world is covered by water? Beginning with these small ideas, proprietary technology combined with innovative engineering and a driving passion gives us the potential to cross oceans.

Hyundai SeasAll means everything that’s in the sea. We will be the leader of marine internal combustion engines. Thank you.

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ㆍDegree | BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, Kyungbook National University
ㆍCareer | 15 years of work at Hyundai Motor R & D Division/1995-2009/, CEO of Hyundai SeasAll/2009 present
ㆍResearch Results | Published articles in a number of domestic and overseas automotive engineering journals, a number of domestic and foreign patents, and developing a number of national research projects