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Conducting technical training for new distributors in Asia

Conducting technical training for new distributors in Asia

Along with the launch of diesel outboarders from July 10-12, Hyundai Seasol hosted a technical training seminar and a factory tour to introduce diesel outboard and new line-up engines in detail for new Asian distributors.
The 10 new distributors, who will be in charge of Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and China, are keenly interested in the S30-OB diesel outboard released by Hyundai SeasAll and the upcoming generator model, which will take place during the three-day technical training.
They showed there passion for active participation. The company`s new cash cow in the ship`s engine market is expected to take advantage of the diesel-powered aircraft`s far better maintenance costs, durability and ease of maintenance than gasoline-powered ones, said CEO SeungKab Jeong. It also predicted that new generator models will meet customer needs in Asia, where power infrastructure is not fully built. New distributors who visited Hyundai Cizol headquarters near Jeongok Port will play the role of a bridge between the headquarters and consumers in their respective regions based on the company's promotion, marketing and technical support, and will be responsible for increasing sales.