■ H10 Engine series features

When it is time for Heavy Duty Commercial

This modern, electronically controlled design delivers 380PS and 170kg·m of torque from the 10 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine.
The H engine is rated for Heavy Duty and takes Hyundai SeasAll into a new dimension with the ability to werve the professional and commercial markets.
The broad flat torque curve proves Hyundai SeasAll’s diesel development capabilities are world-class and beats performance of competition’s comparable models.
Economy is assured by the state-of-the-art fuel management system featuring Electronic Unit Injectors(EUI). The electronic engine control system makes the engine lighter, quieter and more fuel efficient with excellent compact dimensions.
The unique one-piece CGI (Compacted Graphite Iron) cylinder head makes the engine lighter and quieter than conventional heads for more comfort onboard.
Plus, longevity is assured with close to double the fatigue life of grey iron and aluminum.
① Engine
- 6 cylinder in-line, 24 valve OHC
- Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) cylinder head
- Cast iron cylinder block
- Gallery cooled long lasting mono steel pistons
- Integrated water jacket
- Single serpentine belt system
- Drive belt auto tensioner

② Air Inlet system
- Reusable air filter
- Intake Extension Kit(Optional)

③ Fuel System
- Electronic Unit Injector (EUI)
- Gear-driven fuel pump
- Electronically controlled injection timing
- Fine fuel filter & water separator Engine Mounting
-Adjustable engine mounts (Optional)

④ Engine Mounting
- Adjustable engine mounts (Optional)

⑤ Electrical System
- 24 volt - 70A alternator
- Auxiliary engine stop button
- Air heating system for a trouble-free cold start
- NMEA2000 Converter (Optional)
- 2 Pole system (Optional)
⑥ Cooling System
- Gear-driven seawater pump
- Seawater-cooled intercooler, heat exchanger
- Auxiliary connector for cabin heating
- Corrosion resistant material for seawater circuit
- Easily accessible seawater impeller pump

⑦ Lubrication System
- Easily exchangeable oil filter cartridge
- Integrated oil-cooler in cylinder block
- Closed system with forced feeding
- Eco type oil filter
- Electric oil extraction pump
- Gear drive engine oil pump
- Washable auxiliary cyclone oil filter

⑧ Instrument Box Assembly
- Engine self-protection and diagnosis
- Displays CAN information
- Displays engine diagnostic error codes
- Audible alarm and control lamps
- Idle & PTO rpm adjustable switch

⑨ Exhaust System
- Coolant cooled exhaust manifold
- Cast iron exhaust pipe
- E-VGT (Electric Variable Geometry Turbocharger)

⑩ Emissions
- IMO Tier II

⑪Type Approval
- RINA Classification Society

■ H10 series specification

division H380 H410
Rating S1 S1
Max. Output[(PS(kW)] 380(280) 410(302)
Max. rpm[rpm] 1,800 2,000
Displacement[cc] 9,960 9,960
Max. Torque 170.0kgㆍm@1,100rpm 174.0kgㆍm@1,100rpm
Fuel injection system EUI EUI
Fuel Consump.[ℓ/h] 70.0 81.8
Propulsion Shaft drive Shaft drive
weight[kg] 1,120 1,120