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Hyundai SeasAll R200 Engine used for his

Hyundai SeasAll R200 Engine used for historic ship project - Willem Barentsz Foundation
 The Dutch Willem Barentsz Foundation which is building a replica ship of the same name has chosen a Hyundai SeasAll R200 as the primary engine for the vessel.  The engine and gearbox will be supplied by Hyundai SeasAll's distributor allpa BV. 
 The ship is being built in Harlingen, Netherlands and is scheduled to be launched in August 2018.  After sea trials in 2019, the Willem Barentsz plans to complete the voyage across the top of Russia which the original ship attempted in 1597.
 Due to sea ice, that voyage could not be completed but with reduced ice in the Arctic, it is hoped that the "new" Willem Barentsz will be able to sail clear to the Bering Strait then on in to the Pacific Ocean.