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Proven - Hyundai SeasAll H380 engine use

Proven - Hyundai SeasAll H380 engine used for more than 10,000 hrs.

On July of 2014, Sanford Aquaculture in Havelock at the top of New Zealand’s South Island has installed a Hyundai SeasAll H380 into their 22m general-purpose workboat and mussel-seeding barge.
Sanford Aquaculture’s Chief Engineer Darren Brown says Hyundai’s reputation for clean and green low emission technology and the excellent performance of the H380 was significant factor in choosing Hyundai SeasAll.
“We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious company, particularly here in the Marlborough Sounds. Being able to fit an engine that has low emissions, whilst still delivering high torque was crucial,” says Brown.
From the vessels home base in Havelock, the barge will cruise for up to 6 hours to various mussel farms and worksites around the Pelorous and Marlborough Sounds often heavily laden. On water trials of the vessel with a 40-ton load on deck see’s it using just 32L of diesel per hour, at 1600rpm and travelling at 8.4knots.
“Our early assessment of the engine has been very good, in fact we’re yet to see any ‘smoke’ out of the exhaust stack. Now with the H380 fitted, the vessel is much more responsive and more powerful. There is a noticeable difference in the noise of the engine too. It’s significantly quieter, and is a lot better for the guys working on the deck all day and not having to combat harsh engine noises.”
More than two years have passed since their first installation, and the H380 engine is still running smoothly after operating for more than 10,000 hours.