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Hyundai-SeasAll Introduces a New Diesel

Hyundai SeasAll took the opportunity to introduce the new S30-OB diesel outboard – an innovative new concept in marine propulsion – during the Gyeonggi International Boat Show, which ran from May 9th to 12th 2019.  The engine is the highest power diesel outboard-type motor currently in production with a maximum output of 270 horsepower and a maximum torque of 57.6 kg.m.  The S30-OB was recognized for its technological prowess by winning this year's New Product Innovation Award.
The S30-OB combines the advantages of conventional inboard shaft-drive diesel engines, stern drive diesel engines, and gasoline outboard engines.  And as a diesel, it out performs gasoline outboards in terms of fuel economy – meaning much greater range and operating time for the same amount of fuel onboard.
Up to now, the outboard market has been virtually completely served by gasoline engines meaning that in some markets, it was difficult to find fuel at ports.  The fact that the S30-OB is a diesel solves this problem for users, especially those using commercial ports such as professional fishermen.

In addition, its advanced concept propulsion system includes user-friendly devices such as rope jam prevention technology and trim speed control as well as options like a hydraulic PTO pump and a side thruster for enhanced maneuverability.

Hyundai SeasAll intends to launch the engine in export markets with aggressive pricing for a technically superior product.  "The diesel outboard market is expected to replace existing gasoline outboards in Korea.  We expect  the S30-OB to play an important role as a cash cow in the company," said Seung-Kab Jeong, CEO of Hyundai SeasAll.

In the future, Hyundai SeasAll plans to expand its diesel outboard product line by the introduction of a smaller 140 horsepower model and a larger 350 horsepower model.